Lansdowne Place
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How is Lansdowne Place Governed?
A:  As defined in the By-Laws, Lansdowne Place Homeowners Association (LPHA) is governed by up to 7 board members, refered to as the LPHA Board of Directors.  The LPHA Board members are elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting each October.
Q:  Are there financial obligations associated with owning a home in Lansdowne Place?
A:  Yes.  Among the obligations imposed by the covenants is a yearly financial commitment.  The dues each resident pays are used to maintain and manage all aspects of the development.  
QWhen are homeowner dues collected?
A:   Annual LPHA dues are due by 1st quarter of each year ,see actual dates and savings for early pay on your invoice.  If dues are not received late charges and penalties apply.  If a resident remains negligent in paying their dues a lien will be filed on the property, following with a civil suit and the resident will be responsible for the legal costs associated.
Q:  Where/How do I pay my homeowner dues?
A:  Make checks payable and mail to:
3036 Centre Oak Way
Germantown, TN 38138-6302
Phone: 901-753-4170
Facsimile: 901-753-6215
QDo I have to get permission to make any exterior changes to my home?
A:  Yes, approval is required for any exterior changes that you make to your home, whether architectural or to your landscaping.  Any painting or staining must also be approved.  View the Architectural Control webpage for details.